Make Your Property Eco-Friendly With Solar Powered Gates

February 5th, 2016in Newsby Admin

Three Ways To Make Your Property Eco-Friendly

Sustainability is a massive buzz word nowadays. But what does it mean to the average home owner in Australia? How can you integrate your environmental consciousness into your every day living? Here are three amazing ways to make your home a tiny carbon footprint, rather than a huge one.

Solar Powered Gates

These provide all of the convenience of a security door, with the added bonus that they are not connected to electricity mains. Rather, they run off the powerful and strong Australian sun. This is a great way to make your home eco-friendly, while also saving on the running cost of your electric gate. At BFT, we manufacture exceptional quality solar-powered systems that can be run with ease, far from electricity mains. Our range includes the Ecosol product, a system that is compatible with a 24V system and is adaptable to all contexts and weather conditions. The component parts fit together easily, and provide an easy of everyday use. All you need to do is slip off the control panel. When it’s time to recharge the batteries on it by connecting it to the electricity mains. A vandal proof version is also able to be supplied, so that you can be sure that nobody can tamper with your door, while you’re at work.

Sustainable Gardening

A sustainable garden is one that’s rich with native flora (and sometimes fauna). Potting Australian plants will ensure that they aren’t so thirsty all of the time. This will save on water usage and therefore cost. And more importantly, it will save the precious resource of drinkable water, for something else. Consider also using grey water for your gardening needs. This is water that is sourced from the laundry or kitchen, that can be used again. A compost pile (although stinky) can also be a wonderful destination for perishable food scraps.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

These three Rs, are just as important as Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. This means reducing on plastic bags from the supermarket, in favour of green bags. It also means reducing the amount unnecessary food you buy, that will spoil before it’s used up. And finally it is also important to be mindful of your recycling. Taking those extra fifteen minutes per week to separate out paper, plastic and glass, is going to make it better for all of us living on this giant blue earth, in the long term.

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