Gate Automation Hints and Tips

Thinking of getting an automatic gate or garage door opener?
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Why You Should Get An Automated Gate For Your Farm

When people think of farming, they often think of guys in flannelette shirts and Levis riding around ‘The Man From Snowy River’ style. We all know that farming has come a long way since those days. People are now herding sheep and cattle through electrified fences and automated gates. Automated gating system makes everyday farming […]

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Make Your Property Eco-Friendly With Solar Powered Gates

Three Ways To Make Your Property Eco-Friendly Sustainability is a massive buzz word nowadays. But what does it mean to the average home owner in Australia? How can you integrate your environmental consciousness into your every day living? Here are three amazing ways to make your home a tiny carbon footprint, rather than a huge […]

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Hands-Free Experience – The Passy

BFT has designed and developed an exciting innovation for automated entries and exits – the Passy. The Passy is a sophisticated system which allows for entries and exits into properties without pressing a button. This automated device operates in proximity to an antenna, and optimises efficiency for special circumstances where a remote control would otherwise […]

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Electric Driveway Gates

While many people have gates to guard their home, too many make the mistake of leaving them open. Whether out of forgetfulness, laziness, or just plain busyness, manual gates can be a pain. Today, driveway electric gates are more affordable than ever, offering every home the means to secure their lifestyle with the click of […]

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