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    Discover how you can protect your home and family with a BFT automatic gate.

    • Enhance SecurityIt’s more affordable than ever to secure access to your property.
    • Communicate with VisitorsAdd an intercom for easy communication with guests.
    • Automated ClosingNo gates left open by mistake when you leave the house.

    Our vision is to make families and companies feel safer and more secure and comfortable within their homes and businesses.

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    Your local gate installation expert can help you with:

    • Automatic Sliding Gates

      Enjoy the comfort of feeling secure both at and away from home. Can be customised to suit the tastes of any homeowner.

    • Solar Powered Systems

      A complete solar powered system for low-voltage installations. Ideal for doors and gates that are not easily reached from the power mains.

    • Automatic Swing Gates

      The gate leaves generally open into the property but can also be set up to open away from the property.

    • Bluetooth Operation

      Never have to search for your remote control again! Activate your swing controllers via your mobile phone.

    • Garage Doors

      Automatic door and remote solutions suitable for domestic garages. Control your electric gates and garage door from a single remote.

    • Hands Free Operation

      Sometimes pressing of a remote control button can be inconvenient or dangerous, such as motor cycle access points, forklift truck entries/exits or truck loading ramps.

    Why Install Electric Driveway Gates?

    While many people have gates to guard their home, too many make the mistake of leaving them open. Whether out of forgetfulness, laziness, or just plain busyness, manual gates can be a pain. Today, driveway electric gates are more affordable than ever, offering every home the means to secure their lifestyle with the click of a button.

    Automated electric gates allow not only the comfort of feeling secure both at and away from home, but can be customised to suit the tastes of any homeowner. Wrought iron and wooden sliding and swing gates give any property a personalised touch while increasing property value and providing invaluable peace of mind to its occupants. Improved technology means that a sophisticated security system is now accessible to everyone.

    The BFT Range

    Easy to install and intuitive to use, BFT’s gate automation systems for the home are the result of ongoing technological research and an approach focused on the individual, with the aim of facilitating the installer’s work and making life easier for the end user.

    All gate automation solutions come in pre-packaged kits, which include the parts and tools required to make installation quicker, easier and safer.


    No matter what your business, BFT provides a creative and expert approach to determining the best security solution at the best price possible. From automated swing and sliding gates to automated traffic barriers, bollards and electric gate systems, BFT has you covered. BFT’s impressive range of parking revenue systems keeps carparks profitable and secure.

    With over 25 years experience in entrance automation and access control installation, BFT’s extensive network of technicians are dedicated to creating the best possible commercial access control system for both your business and your budget.

    Can existing manual gates be automated?

    Generally they can be automated but there will be some exceptions. Much will depend on the layout of the overall site and the state of repair of the existing gates, the gate posts, the gate hinges and the gate leaf alignment. Learn More

    I have an inclined driveway – does this mean I cannot install an electric gate?

    No.  Obviously an inclined driveway can stop gates opening but sometimes there it is possible to install a swing gate that opens away from the property.  However, it may be possible to install swing gates that open away from the property although you will need to ensure that the gates do not obstruct the public highway.

    What happens in the event of a power failure?

    All quality installations will provide home owners with manual release keys and instructions on how to release the automation system in the event of a power failure.  Some electric gate systems also come with the option of a battery backup.  However, all systems come with a manual release facility that can be used in the event of a power failure.

    How will I know that there are people at the gate when it is closed?

    Almost every electric gate system has an intercom, either audio or audio and video, which enables people at the gate to contact the home owner.  The intercom will either be hardwired between the gate and the house or will be wireless with either a DECT telephone system or a GSM.

    How do visitors enter the premises when no-one is in the house?

    In general, they don’t – gates are put in place to provide perimeter security.  However, there are a range of intercom systems that will dial a mobile number when the intercom button is pressed at the gate and the system can be programmed so that the owner of the mobile phone, once he or she knows who wants to get in, can press a number on their mobile phone which will open the gate – either partially to allow pedestrian access or fully to let a vehicle enter the property.  The mobile phone user could be on the other side of the world but the technology still enables them to control the home entrance system.

    BFT offer a range of gate automation solutions created to effectively address any situation and need. No matter your requirements, a professional installer will be able to advise you on the possibilities and associated costs for your particular home project.


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