Why You Should Get An Automated Gate For Your Farm

February 5th, 2016in Newsby Admin

When people think of farming, they often think of guys in flannelette shirts and Levis riding around ‘The Man From Snowy River’ style. We all know that farming has come a long way since those days. People are now herding sheep and cattle through electrified fences and automated gates.

Automated gating system makes everyday farming practices immeasurably easier, in so many different ways. If you haven’t already gotten onto the automated gate bandwagon (pardon the pun), then here are some reasons why you should:

  •  Avoid uninvited and pesky salespeople: They are no longer an issue. It’s likely that you have had unwanted callers in the middle of the working day. This eliminates that problem.
  • Add authority with an automated gate: When friends or work associates call around to the property, having an automated gate there adds an air of authority and style, that would otherwise be missing.
  • Create security and privacy for your property: Vandals, yobbos and other riff-raff, will think twice before entering into your property. An automated gate would make it hard for them to back in their car and open the boot up, to load in items.

Livestock Protection

A sturdy and all-weather gate is going to be well served by an automated mechanism. This means that you can keep your livestock where they need to be, with the ease of a push of a button, from the house, your vehicle or indeed any part of the world. How is this possible you ask? With a mobile device automated gating system. BFT are the world leaders in mobile-phone activated automated gates. Called the GSM receiver it features either a 12 or 24 volt power supply. Here are the specifics:

  •  An open or secure operating mode: that allows you flexibility of usage, so that the gate can be either securely controlled or have a number of priority users.
  • No call costs: The GSM operated automated gate has an automated number that it dials, and then hangs up immediately. This means that no call costs are incurred.
  •  Can send messages: The device can send SMS messages to a maximum of eight numbers. This reports the status of the gate being open or closed. This can be very useful when conducting maintenance, and also to keep a track of the current status of the gate.

When considering an excellent and hardy automated gating system for your farm, speak with BFT, the automated gating system specialists. Contact us today!

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